The Wellington

The Wellington is a Indie Pop band that formed in 2003 in Depok, Indonesia, consisting of Hanzalah Usaidi, Rinaldi Aban, Riftyza Gestandi, Feizal Akbar, and Rizky Ocktadinanta. They had been together since high school life but decide to start the band in 2003, after Tyza got some CD’s from his cousin which was include some Indie pop band like Blueboy, Club 8, The Arrogant, Birdie, Blackbox recorder etc. Because they’re all love football. They named the band with something connected to football. It was named The Playmaker. They start to made some songs without thinking about sounds and skills. The early line-up were Hanzalah Usaidi (Drum), Riftyza Gestandi (Guitar/Voc), Rinaldi Aban (Bass), and Feizal Akbar (Guitar). In 2004 they recorded their first single, ‘Membiru’ and played their first gig in Interstudi College called “Goodbye Pangpol”. In 2006, Feizal Akbar split out from the band, and was replaced by Ajat M. Fajar who became their new drummer while Hanzalah Usaidi changed his role into Guitarist. After considering various names, the band settled for ‘The Wellington’, with its evocation of the capital of New Zealand. Two years later, the band recorded their second single, ‘Lost in Cairo’. The band finally got their way after Roque from Cloudberry Records asked them to joined their CD-R compilation for their regular fanzine. But after that, the band dissapeared from musical activity. They’re all busy with their own projects and life. In 2010, one of their friend. Rachmad Triyadi, asked the band to join his record label, ‘Heyho Records’ after listened to ‘Lost in Cairo’. But the band was in hibernation-period, and doesn’t know how to woke up. They met again in one night, and discussed for their ‘new chance’ and the result was positive. They start the band again. Feizal Akbar re-joined the band as a third guitarist, and Rizky Ocktadinanta from alternative-grunge band called Arc Yellow became their new drummer. They perform for the first time with the new line-up in Arief Bramantyo’s room. Arief Bramantyo is one of their friend from Heyho Records. One month later, they recorded two new songs with help from Gita Harry Wibawa (Mellonyellow) as additional keyboardist, ‘a Thousand yards’ and ‘Ocean’ for their first ever CD-R E.P released by Heyho Records. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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